1/2 Tell us how you work

Have you had previous internship experience at a creative agency?

If Yes: Which agency have you done an internship at?

Describe the process of a project you have done at university (ideation to completion)?

Describe two key challenges you experienced during the project described above and how you overcame them.

Have you experienced work under pressure? How did you handle it?

What are some of the tools and practices you use in your work? (For example, to research ideas, to brainstorm concepts, to experiment ideas, to get feedback on output, etc.)

Have you attended workshops?

If Yes: What are some of the workshops you attended?

Have you collaborated with a team of 3 people or more?

List the softwares you have mastered (i.e. illustrator, photoshop, after effects, etc.)

What is your favourite course at Univeristy? Why?

Are you proficient in Arabic?